ASUU Strike 2013: ASUU May Commence Strike On 1st July, 2013

ASUU Strike 2013: ASUU May Commence Strike On 1st July, 2013


ASSU Strike 2013? We have information that ASUU might embark on an indefinite strike starting from July 2013. The strike, we understand is still in reaction to failure of the federal government to act on the promise made to them when they made their requests known some years back.

This ASUU strike will definitely disrupt academic activities in many, Universities in the country. We cannot afford to have ASUU Strike in 2013, a year and also at a period when ASUP is on strike. This will shatter academic calendars, prolong stay of students in school, let some students miss NYSC service at the right time. ASUU Strike is just not good.

We can only hope that the Federal Government act on time to avert this ASUU strike. That’s if information that just reached us is anything to go by. We shall update you on this “planned ASUU strike” as soon as we confirm the authenticity.


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  1. Avatar
    Palmer Anita June 29, 2013

    Pls u guys should wait till after our exams*sad*

  2. Avatar
    Ikpokpo Semper June 29, 2013

    the federal government should try to fullfil there promise, because I don't need to add a day on my stay in the school.

  3. Avatar
    Bshr Ali June 29, 2013

    It's just decieving us (students)…hmmm Asuu nd FG.

  4. Avatar
    kollyjoe from futa June 29, 2013

    no strike pls a dey beg una oooo na 6wk i need to complete dis semester e jooooooo oooooooooooooooo sad mood

  5. Avatar
    Tahir Drizzy AG Eljimit June 30, 2013

    Well is not up to our decition to make but just inch d balance

  6. Avatar
    Ba2re Musa June 30, 2013

    Of the greatest 9jerian students. I want say, analys, predict, criticise, moke, bandalise, destroy, exploite, and say r.i.p 9ja. Pls of da great 9ja student, stop beging da ASUU & da FG. Let dem do dia worst & take a 4ckn solution de want. Bcuz de strike will affect both we & them. Reason : we wl end off stayn in our parents houses, commiting different types of deviance & criminal behaviours. Whc wil cause the down fall of the country, it may also leads to mass demostration in the country. So we r almost ready for wat ever 4ckn solution the wil take.

  7. Avatar
    Jameel Pakee June 30, 2013

    Is not fear wat asuu and federal gvt did 2 student in nig

  8. Avatar
    Muhammad Sanusi Ibrahm June 30, 2013

    Bad leadership is what is brought this.If you have leadership that is corrupt, leadership that is not concern with the common men, leadership that breaks promises then everything is about to happen!

  9. Avatar
    Victor June 30, 2013

    Enough is enough between FG and ASUU, ASUU most embark on strike if thing is done to this promises.

  10. Avatar
    Marcus June 30, 2013

    Let it hold jOor I wnt it

  11. Avatar
    Suleiman Junior June 30, 2013

    Really unhappy with what asuu did,and these shows that they are not after student!!

  12. Avatar
    antony junior July 01, 2013

    legho…asuu nagode asuu nagode asuu nagode

  13. Avatar
    scofield jnr July 01, 2013

    Heyy,finally dis guyz hav declared it.i knw dis tym,d strike will take more than 2 months

  14. Avatar
    Nzube Princewill July 05, 2013

    Really a dispiriting situation. We can't even boast of a sound system of education in this good for nothing country. God help us… In this country, we the Nigerian students will make it no matter how much they try.

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