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Exclusive: Late Pastor Ajanaku Fleet Of Cars Saga – Church Member Writes

pastor ireti ajanaku-ngtrends 3

Few days after the death of Pastor Ireti Ajanaku of Christ Revival Victory Chapel, a popular Nigerian blogger Lindaikeji published on her blog some pictures of cars, claiming they belonged to the  late Pastor. Few days after that another Nigeiran blog stated otherwise, saying  Lindaikeji published a totally false news and Pastor Ajanaku never owned such cars. Click here to read the story before we continue.

On that post, we urged anyone with a solid and concrete evidence to contact us via our e-mail address for us to clear the air once and for all. Though it came late but we finally have a response regarding the incident.  Here is what a member of Christ Revival Victory Chapel who pleaded anonymity has this to say on the issue;

“In reference to Late Prophet Ajanaku’s fleet of cars. I av been to his house severally & I am confirming to you that, those cars in the picture belongs to the prophet. Even most of his cars are with customised plate number AJANAKU 1, 2, 3. He has Escalade jeep, infinity jeep, jaguar etc”

If this is anything to go buy, then it means Lindaikeji blog actually posted the right and authentic story.


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