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How Israel Defense System Blocks Gaza Rockets

How Israel Defense System Blocks Gaza Rockets



As violence intensify in the mid-east Israel’s Iron Dome air-defense system has been working effectively blocking 70% of rocket fired from Gaza Strip.
Iron Dome fires to intercept any rocket over the city of Ashdod.

The system confronts multiple threats simultaneously, in any weather, the military says each battery has a firing-control radar to identify targets and a portable missile launcher.

The interceptor missile explodes near the incoming rocket.

More than 250 rockets have been fired out of Gaza toward Israel in that time, the IDF said. Israel uses the Iron Dome system only against rockets headed toward populated areas. If one appears to be headed for an empty field, the dome does not activate.

Iron Dome confronts any threat it is a “breakthrough technology” and the system’s radar. The military said.

Other countries have expressed interest in buying the system, including the United States, South Korea and several NATO countries in Europe with military forces in Afghanistan, The Jerusalem Post has reported.

Each Iron Dome battery costs $50 million, A missile costs at least $62,000, Israeli officials said.


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