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Agbaje Did Not Lose The Governorship Election, APC Rigged It – Femi Aribasala

Agbaje Did Not Lose The Governorship Election, APC Rigged It – Femi Aribasala


Controversial  Vanguard columnist, Femi Aribasala says APC rigged the governorship election and Agbaje did not lose.

Femi said that Fashola has not done enough in Lagos state if anyone would judge based on the resources available to him.

Femi said “I don’t believe that elections are free and fair in Lagos. I do not believe that Jimi Agbaje lost this election. It was APC’s manipulation that brought out the governorship election result. That is my own opinion,”

Femi blamed Tinubu of monopolizing Lagos, “I wonder why anybody will be a fan of Bola Tinubu,” he said, “especially if you live in Lagos. He is not a democrat. I don’t like Bola Tinubu because he has monopolised Lagos politics.

“To some extent, Ekiti governorship election was lost because of him. I live in Lekki and every day I have to pay toll fare and I wish I was not doing that. APC is in control of the media to a very large extent. Governor Fashola has gotten an easy pass with the media.

It is easy for a Lagos State governor to be seen to be good because he has resources. In the light of the resources of the state, only 10 percent of the people have access to potable water, the same percentage has access to educational structures. In order for the APC to survive, the resources of this state had to be commandeered for political purposes. So, you can see the end justifies the means,”

Femi said he did not agree that Tinubu made Buhari the president. “I don’t agree that Tinubu made Buhari the president. Let’s get the facts right. Tinubu made Buhari the presidential candidate of the APC. But in the presidential election, Buhari did not win Tinubu’s votes. And that is part of the problem.

“All the discussion before was that everything would be determined in the South-West, but Tinubu did not deliver the South-West. The margin of defeat in the presidential election was not much in Lagos.
Tinubu, to some extent at the presidential level, is expendable. And that is the problem. You can actually not choose a president just from the North. It interests me that while the campaign was going on, all the northerners making noise that it was their turn disappeared,”


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