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INEC Adhoc Staff Cries Over 13K Salary Offered

INEC Adhoc Staff Cries Over 13K Salary Offered


Please read the following memo and share your thoughts….

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Good morning Stella, we really need your help. Your blog can help raise our voices to INEC and NYSC as we are being cheated by both.

 I’m a corper and most of us partook in the last elections as INEC adhoc staff and now we are being offered a paltry sum of 13k as wages. The money is so small considering what we went through. I missed sleep for three days…didn’t bathe…lived on biscuit and pure water and at my polling unit, I was almost lynched, my guts got me out…

There was no security agent around sef but I survived. Now, after all the wahala, this people are bringing 13k… If they had told us from the onset, I wouldn’t move an inch and to cap it all, the payment now varies from state to state… Some are paying 10k, 8k, 9k, 12k…only few paid the 13k…where’s the rest of our money? 

I don tire no be small. Jega should please make this money worthwhile else he and his staff should come and conduct the next elections. We no dey do again.

Signed: Disgruntled Corper

So how much were you expecting to be paid?so you cannot serve your motherland for free?Are you not a corps member again?Your duty as INEC adhoc staff was part of your duty to the nation.the 13k NA DASH SEF.

”I pledge to Nigeria my Country…….”

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