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Rita Dominic Lied About Her Age – Ex-Classmate Claims

Rita Dominic Lied About Her Age – Ex-Classmate Claims


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You would recall that veteran Nollywood actress and producer, Rita Dominic celebrated her birthday days ago. New reports now suggest that she might have lied about her age.

Rita celebrated 40th birthday on July 12, 2015. A source close to the actress named Chika, revealed that Rita Dominic is lying and they both went to the same school together.

In Chika’s words, “But Rita you are 43 not 40. We all grew up at Aba and we were in d same class in Santa Maria Primary school, Aba. This should have been celebrated 3yrs ago not this year my dear Rita”

43 and 40, what’s the real difference?!?



  1. Chika most u come on air to run ur mouth? What point are u proving….idiot, she is a bunch of beauty, age doesn’t mater is she likes she say she is 20 what is ur problem with that, u want to b popular…..rita u own ur world let them talk na them get their mouth…

  2. Chika, bad belle no go kill you sha!
    What is your business if Rita is 60 and claims to be 20?
    Rita is already a star but nobody knows you and you are trying to rubbish her.
    You are just looking for cheap publicity.
    Go get a life for yourself and leave other people to live their lives.

  3. Rita you are the girl 40 or 43 it doesn’t matter you look good and even younger then some 30years old people just do your thing girl age is just a number

  4. Chika or wt do u call urslf?Beware! Envy is rottenness in d bone.Go check urslf for bone cancer.Sure it’s going 2 b positive.Birch!!

  5. When someone mentions his/her age, the next thing you look around is achievement… Growth is something that never stops as long as we live, not a course rather it is celebrated… Chika you are a fool, stop feeling younger around Rita….. My grand father is 89+. He says he knows you, that you were his class mate in primary school. You repeated Elementary one for 6 yrs, that your father became angry and put you in another school. My grand father who use to be your classmate in elementary one graduated from UNN when you were still writing your Jss1 exam in Rita’s class… .You see you don’t even know Rita…… Stop running your tongue where Rita is. She is a little girl to you, don’t let her insult you… If my grand father who use to be your classmate is 89+, you should be above 89 or 3 yrs bellow. What were you doing in the class of someone who is 40 today? I agree that she lied about her age. If she can say the truth, she should be around 29, not 40.

    Chika be warned, someone knows you too.

  6. Chika,u are a fool,if u are nt u wont b sayin all dis,rita is there makin her money,going around been famous,u are there calculatin her age,are u ashamed of urslf @ al,must u say it on socail media if @ al she is 43,u just look @ her,check her out,fine girl ni omo lati ile,rubbish

  7. Chika,poverty of the mind is curse from e gods..abeg go for cleansing leave people with talk weh ei no get sence

  8. Chike u are devil. Y mocking her? I knw where u are heading 2. Bcos she is yt 2 gt marry, right? Dont 4gt dat her maker knws d best 4 her oo. Rita i see God crowning u wit much more honour, Ur mocker will b put 2 shame. IJN

  9. Chika u are devil. Y mocking her? I knw where u are heading 2. Bcos she is yt 2 gt marry, right? Dont 4gt dat her maker knws d best 4 her oo. Rita i see God crowning u wit much more honour, Ur mocker will b put 2 shame. IJN

  10. why can’t u mind ur business, why is it’s concerns u or Rita is she ur kids sister.What is your business if Rita is 30 and claims to be 25?
    Rita is already a star but nobody knows you. pls be careful 4 wht u said.

  11. does it really matter? pls grow up, even if she is 43,she doesn’t even look it, she just rocks…….. more grease to ur elbows Rita…………………..

  12. U bitch…..jelacy gona kill u ooooh….. Make uaself busy wid positive things….Rita is a star en a role model to our young girls who seeks 4 her mentoship…….. U r older than her by 11 yrs….i knw uuu

  13. my dear u look as if ur in your 30’s keep it up. friends like this link and join the group is free.
    this is online networking http://jobrize.com/index.php?ref=41998

  14. Madam how many men and women will com out to tel you their real age if u want to start wit age start wit student and footballers,mumu chika.jelousy

  15. Chika, u r a disgrace and greedy friend. You are indeed envious of Rita’s good looking even if she is what you are claiming, she still look so so young and charming like 25yrs. so what is your own sef. Bad friend. Rita, you are indeed blessed with good body jor. At this age, you are very very radiating with beauty. Many more years to you, Rita.

  16. i think the Marvins get to move another single titled “talku talku. Chika that’s what u are good at “talk”. Rita u rock whether 43, 40 or 80. keep up.

  17. No problem about that ninety percent of women lie about there age.is natural for them.

  18. Rita, you are a girl friend. You are that age that you proclaimed. Let chika continue to count your days while you count your blessing. Forever young, always your darling Rita.

  19. Rita can not be up to 43yrs,she should be 40yrs as she has said cos l clocked 40yrs last year and we were in the same class at FGC lkot-Ekpene.

  20. its funny how people think. 40 or 43 what does it matter? Rita may not be my number one nollywood babe o! but even at 50 and with such looks she is waoh…. Chika go lick ur wound na God win for this matter. hope u had fun Rita? may God grant u more year IJn. amen.

  21. Nigia people make una no quarrel please i beg una for chineke dey vex as una dey tear bodi like dis i beg make we take m jeje rather make we dey laugh and jolicate for Godwin ooooooooooooo

  22. Am 31, and RD looks younger than i am… Rit even if u are 50, let ur mates come out, they will look like your grandma. It takes a lotta self control and nutrients to look younger than ones age. I envy u. And as for Chiki Chiki noodles, u are a frustrated old woman seeking for attention. RD, please jus continue to shine abeg. No be your powa, na Godwin

  23. madam chi you disappoint ooo who cares if she is 43 or 40 age is just number, Rita shine on.

  24. Hey guys,
    Chika is correct. We all went to school together in Aba then. Rita’s real name is Rita Nwaturuocha. Her cousin’s name is Onyinye Nwaturuocha and I was her friend when I changed school in Shell camp Owerri. They were born in 1972, meaning that if I’m 42 now, they are 43 years old.

  25. laugh won kill me oh……..e be like say na Rita dey write all this comment them for this blog. Note from number 1 comment down, na one person write am….if una read the style of language , una go see. Rita i beg no dey abuse Chika. To talk truth na problem?

  26. Rita babe, if I were you, I would have celebrated a 26th birthday. Girl, you look younger than even 30. And hey! Who is this Cheeta (abi Chika) of a girl? I am sure your face and whole body is shagging with age — Lack of maintenance, Poor diet, Poor accommodation, cheap make’up — general poverty. Love you Rita babe!

  27. Madam Chika i address you madam because you look 50, you should be ashamed to call her your class mate chai i cover eyes for you, seriously its not your business to open her up in the air, i smell envy, Madam Rita 43 or 40 what matters is your achievement so far, all i wish you is ur knight in the shinning Armour. Be good till then enjoy your life

  28. And so? Is it your business? Is it your concern? Chika did they give you award for this. Taaa comot dia.

  29. The wrong ones would keep comparing. she’s one of the Actress that is so proud of her age. have seen Rita one on one in Make Me Salon, Bode thomas, Surulere. she look younger and beautiful physically. so Chika many of your type are everywhere, keep talking.

  30. hahahahaha, Nigerians are so funny, u want to skin Chika alive>>>>>>> for give her, just see her as a missed call. ..send her to my country Uganda, we shall teach her morals

  31. Hm.. funny people..u stress urselves out with things which are not supposed to be ur concern…Rita enjoy nd express urself …after all they dnt feed u

  32. So what if she is 43 or 40 or even 50??? Fact is she’s still beautiful, sexy, hot, rich and doing well in what she does best (Acting).. You have a inferiority complex ma dear, bottom line and the earlier you realize and accept it the better because you need people like her in your life. Am most certain that what really pains you is that coming from the same background and school, she has made something off her life and maybe you are still a nobody and you will remain a nobody if you continue with such a spirit. You have so much free time on your hands and i suggest you use it to do constructive things rather than talk about age, who gives a f**k???… If indeed you are the same age as her then show it and grow up a little more because you are not a young girl.

  33. Classmates doesn’t mean u should be age mate.i was older than some of my classmates in secondary school and some are far older than me,shut ur mouth and stop posting rubbish about ur classmate, she looks so young and radiant

  34. Jealousy! Jealousy!! na em dey worry u madam Chika. Spoiler! See d kind of embarrassment you exposed yourself to because you want to spoil another person’s own, Rita, u better start dancing for God has exposed one of your enemies for by their fruits you shall know them. Absolute RUBBISH! Na waooooh. God deliver us from enemies in disguise. Hmmmmm.

  35. my dear Chika,wat have u really gained now?I don’t know y people who claim are educated and exposed still behave d opposite,please change ur mentality and to even think u call yourself a christian,I wonder if ur own Bible is diferent,b careful of wat u say of others whether its the truth or not?u dont have any right to do dat nd am sure u may not be even better than her

  36. the fact that you were classmate does not necessarily mean you are of same age. Perhaps she entered schools younger than you.

  37. That you are in the same class and same school, does that automatically mean that you are the same age. I don’t think so. Lots of folks I went to school with are at least 2 years older than I was and some were a year or so younger. People just like to put themselves in the middle of things. Even if she is 43, how does that one concern you? What pleasure does it give you to throw that info out there? How did that enrich your life? People are too much sometimes.


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