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#TBT With Top 10 Oldies Of All Time

#TBT With Top 10 Oldies Of All Time


Songs have come and gone but there are some we can not but remember, owing to its evergreen nature and the way they made waves , top charts and still make rounds, all fresh when you hear them..

That’s why we like to take you back in time to our top 10 random R&B selections, We hope you smile and thank us later…




  1. ‘walked out of heaven’ with Jagged Egde
  2. ‘be without you’ with Mary J. Blige
  3. ‘all because of you’ with Celine Dion
  4. ‘you make me wanna’ with Usher Raymond
  5. ‘we not making love no more’ with dru hill
  6. ‘act like that’ with tyrese
  7. ‘rendevouz’ with Craig Davids
  8. ‘ocean drive’ with Light House Family
  9. ‘kiss from a rose’ with Seal
  10. ‘All night long’ with Lionel Richie


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