Home Entertainment I Wear Hijab To Cover My Curves – Victoria Kimani
I Wear Hijab To Cover My Curves – Victoria Kimani

I Wear Hijab To Cover My Curves – Victoria Kimani


Kenyan-born artiste, Victoria Kimani has come out to say that she sometimes wears hijab to cover her curves.

Signed to Chocolate City label, the gorgeous diva, who is making her mark in Nigeria’s music industry talked to Vanguard about her life.
In response to a question about her sex symbol, the sexy Victoria talks of how she sometimes wears hijab to hide her curves.
“I don’t think that is a bad thing. I am quite aware of that. Besides, why should I apologise for owning up to what is mine. At times, I can choose to wear  Hijab  to cover it up. Sometimes, I decide to flaunt it. I don’t even look at what people say because this is me and I try to be myself oftentimes. It is people who look at me as sex symbol. I think seeing me as a sex symbol depends on what the people seeing me that way think. It is their own assessment because I do not dress or act it. Dressing is a thing of choice, what others like might be what others dislike.”
She also spoke of her dad’s role in kickstarting her music career which basically began at age 16 when she recorded her first song.
Victoria describes herself as a renegade. In her words, “I would describe myself as slightly rebellious and an eccentric person. I think I am an eccentric person because I like to express myself and I get really bored if I have the same hairstyle for a long time. I don’t like waiting for people to do things for me. Even now that I am signed to Chocolate City, I do a lot of things myself. I used to be a make-up artiste at some point, so I just learned how to do things for myself. I am an independent person.”
She finally spoke on the possibility of her doing a Kenyan music.
“That is a very good question, I think I can’t call it a Kenyan music because Kenyan music does not necessarily have a sound the way we have a sound here. But Kenyan music has always been very diverse and we have some Kenyan artistes that do that well. They have a very acoustic kind of dance. The thing about the music is that you don’t have a sound for it but you can differentiate it from other people’s music or tracks with the language. I am kind of scared because I do not know how to go about the song on this side of the continent. I have taken time to listen to all the sounds that I hear but I have not heard one I can really say sounds Kenyan,” she said.



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