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Tips On How To Keep Your Marriage Hot And Sexy

Tips On How To Keep Your Marriage Hot And Sexy



Want to keep your marriage just as sexy as it was on your honeymoon? Here are some tips:

1. What Does SEXY Mean to You?

When we asked from experts in psycology, we came back with this fun acronym for S.E.X.Y.

    S is for safety- Without safety, emotional and otherwise, you can’t have a marriage. Safety means protecting your spouse’s feelings.

      E is for energy – You have to invest energy into your marriage, sexual and otherwise. It’s not 50/50, it’s 100/100 percent.

        X is for X factor – It’s the wildcard. Surprise your spouse in the way that makes the person feels X-tra special: flowers, surprise sexual romps, picnics, trips, etc.

          Y is for yes – Forget the computer and cell phone, and spend quality time with your loved one. Try to eliminate “No, I don’t have time” from your vocabulary for a bit and just say yes, as long as it’s not offensive or abusive.
          “Remember, SEXY is the relationship — mind, body and soul.” “SEXY is when all three come together to enhance each person and create a 1+1=3, meaning that the collective we becomes more than who we are individually.”

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          2. Have an affair … with your partner.

          Having an affair with your spouse can bring back the feelings of excitement and closeness—not to mention the smoking-hot s*x—that you had when you first met, Love says. So send each other sexy texts when you least expect it, buy racy lingerie, sneak away for a nooner at a hotel, or meet at bar and pretend you don’t know each other. “Tap into that playfulness and passion—and you’ll start looking at your partner in a new, sexy, light.”

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