Home Entertainment #ThrowBackThursday | First Woman To Be Crowned Miss Nigeria
#ThrowBackThursday | First Woman To Be Crowned Miss Nigeria

#ThrowBackThursday | First Woman To Be Crowned Miss Nigeria


The Miss Nigeria contest may be all pomp and pageantry now but it was not always so as Grace Tinuke Oyelude once revealed.

Grace  was crowned the first Miss Nigeria in 1957 in a contest that involved 200 young girls from all parts of Nigeria.

She was born in Sabon Gari, Kano on November 16, 1932, to the Christian family of the late Pa James Adeleye Oyelude and late Mama Marthan Datanu of Isanl in Kogi State.

Grace once said in an interview when asked if she used make up during her contest:

No. No, nothing like that. No make up. I was just natural in my dressing. You know the lady I said sat beside me was just beautiful. She used make up. I learnt she just came back from England. Her hair was nicely done. I thought she would be the one. I learnt she was a physiotherapist.

When I was announced as Miss Nigeria, there was no much fanfair as you have it today. But on the second day, they took me to a saloon where they used a hot comb to do my hair. I was looking somehow a ridiculous (laugh). They gave me 200 Pounds Sterling, for our nice cotton dress. To me, 200 Pounds was a lot of money when I was earning 3 Pounds a month and a return ticket to London for one week.



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