Home Music Why Simi’s “Love Don’t Care” Is The Best Valentine Song This Year
Why Simi’s “Love Don’t Care” Is The Best Valentine Song This Year

Why Simi’s “Love Don’t Care” Is The Best Valentine Song This Year



Valentine is come and gone, but not without its memories. Whatever story the valentine has for you – happy or sad – the remarkable thing is that it tells a story.

Talking about stories, ours lie with a particular song that captured the story of a nation in few simple, yet deep lines. If you haven’t heard Simi’s Love Don’t Care then your Val story may be incomplete yet.

Kudos to all the artistes who dropped love songs ahead of Sunday’s Valentine’s Day celebrations, but Love Don’t Care stands out, not because of Simi’s melodious voice or the deep lyrics, but for what the song itself represents.


In a post-election year that saw all lot of ethno-political attacks and counter attacks, coupled with the ongoing Biafra agitations, no other Valentine song best preached the gospel of love better than Simi’s amazing single. She emphasizes that love cares not where a person comes from; we are made to understand that what truly matters is the fact that we show love nonetheless.

Skip to the second verse, Simi underscores the unnecessary discrimination in terms of professions, as well as, the growing class difference between the rich and the poor, firmly signified in the comparison between ‘teacher’ and the ‘banker’.

What may come to mind first is the message that parents (and other people) should not dictate who a girl or boy falls in love with, especially when it is based on such trivialities as tribe, race, culture or social class.

However, this is not the everyday love song that you sing for ‘bae’ or ‘sweetheart’, the love preached here is far reaching and more genuine. It is love that is not conditioned to the relationship you have with a person, but love that is necessitated by the fact that we are all humans, and in particular, all Nigerians.

So we say thank you to Simi for blessing our ears, minds and hearts with this song. Now we know love is not the name  of a feeling, but the action that comes with a feeling.

You can listen to Simi’s Love Don’t Care below:



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