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NgTrends Opinion: Fans Should Stop Asking Celebrities For Favors

NgTrends Opinion: Fans Should Stop Asking Celebrities For Favors



Overtime, we have seen many fans asking celebrities for favors which has often led to a stir on social media. Most recently is the case of Brymo and a fan on twitter who asked Brymo to help him with his 65k school fees and Brymo’s reply was for the fan to drop out of school and chase his dreams. This reply however has caused a stir on twitter as people are dragging him for advising someone to drop out of school.


People have however forgotten the part of his tweet where he said it’s what I did. This was just his honest opinion. He only advised the guy based on his own perspective of life. He dropped out of school to chase his dreams and it worked for him. He is only after one thing in his life  and that’s his dreams and he’d or still actualizing his dreams in life. So he probably won’t have any other advice that for the fan to chase their dreams. Another thing people tend to forget is the fact that not everybody that goes to school make it in life. School aren’t made for everybody. Take a look at the great people that have made in impacts in the world, the likes of Bill Clinton, Muhammad Ali, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and so many more, all these people don’t have degrees to their names but have are made. The truth is that you don’t need a degree to make it in life.

Now moving to Brymo telling the fan to drop out of school to chase his dream, Brymo has however forgotten that some dreams are only made in schools. If the guy wants to be a doctor, can he be a doctor by dropping out of school? what about a lawyer? There are some dreams that can only be achieved in schools so Brymo shouldn’t have told him to leave school to chase his dreams as he doesn’t know what his dream is about.

To the fan that asked for school fees, for making plans on going to school then you should also know the way to source for your school fees as you can’t make plans without looking for ways to achieve. To fans asking favors from celebrities, you should bear in mind that all celebrities are like you and me. Most of them are living fake lives so you asking them money might not seem right as you don’t know how much they are worth. Fake lives can make you believe they have what they don’t have. it.

Fans,you however learn to cut their coats according to their size









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