Home News Land Dispute: Osogbo Asks Aregbesola To Ignore Ede
Land Dispute: Osogbo Asks Aregbesola To Ignore Ede

Land Dispute: Osogbo Asks Aregbesola To Ignore Ede



The Osogbo Progressive Union has reportedly urged Governor Rauf Aregbesola not to yield to the alleged blackmail employed by the people of Ede over the dispute on parcels of land where government projects and establishments are sited.

Dr. Adejare  Shiyanbola, the President of OPU, gave the advise in a statement issued on Monday August 15th, in a reaction to the allegation labelled against the Aregbesola administration by the Federation Council of Ede Descendants Union.

The Ede group had reportedly accused Aregbesola of annexing lands belonging to the town to Osogbo under the guise of renaming some government establishments in the areas.

 But Shiyanbola said Osogbo people would not allow themselves to be drawn into violence with Ede while lauding the governor for his determination to bequeath good legacies to the people of the state.

This was said in a  statement which read,

“The assertion that the state Governor, Ogben Rauf Aregbesola, was supporting the Osogbo community to annex part of Ede’s land is as infantile as it is ridiculous.

 Apart from the endemic cries of Ede in its desperation to acquire land belonging to Osogbo as part of its aggressive and violent expansionist scheme, Osogbo as a peace loving city and her people have never been at dagger drawn with another community over land issue.

We implore our neighbour ( Ede) to exercise restraints in their desperate pursuit of land acquisition. We encourage the state government not to be distracted but rather go ahead with its developmental programmes for the stage and refuse to yield to cheap blackmail employed by Ede.”

The Ede community had last week vowed to resist attempts to annex their land to Osogbo, saying they would not watch that to happen.

The National Vice President of Federation Council of Ede Descendants Union, Chief Moshood Adeleke, had accused Aegbesola of supporting Osogbo to annex land belonging to Ede.

He reportedly said the state government established  a new town  called Oranmiyan Town, situated within Edeland and renamed it Osogbo. They also said the MKO Abiola International Airport under construction was located in Ido-Osun in Ede land and this was also named to be in Osogbo.



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