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Moment Of Truth: Have You Ever Spied On Your Spouse’s Phone?

It might sound somehow though, but let’s face reality because this is very common among us. Not just the married ones, those courting are often caught in the act. Even if you claim you are not a jealous type you still do this once in a while either by error or willingly. I remembered the […]

Women Only

Please Advise Me: My Husband’s Friend Comes Around Too Much, Saw Me Náked – Woman Cries Out

My husband of two years is very sociable and has many close friends that we meet up with. But he also has a clingy friend who comes to our home every Friday and stays until Sunday afternoon. I am often lying around in very little clothes or feeding our baby. One morning he bumped into […]


Music Download: Punchline – Noises

   The concept of song was inspired by a line in  MI Abaga’s first track on the Illegal Music 3, “Local vs Punchline vs Imitation” It’s about how imitation has really grown in the industry. Everybody want’s to sound like what’s trending just so as to be accepted and maybe make money but fail to […]

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